Jiongjiong QIU

Hong Kong, France〡2021〡Fic〡Color〡179 min〡Mandarin
✧ 2021 Premio speciale della giuria, Locarno International Film Festival
✧ 2021 A Window on Asian Cinema, Busan International Film Festival
✧ 2022 International Film Festival Rotterdam

The leading “clown” role in a renowned theatre troupe passes on, and is welcomed into the Underworld. As he relives his vivid memories one last time before entering the afterlife, fifty years of art, struggle and love play out against the background of 20th-century China’s tumultuous history.


Jiongjiong QIU

QIU Jiongjiong (born 1977) is an active contemporary artist and filmmaker in China. His work as an artist has been exhibited worldwide. As a filmmaker, his experiments with cinematic language and aesthetics in documentary film-making have earned him a reputation as one of China's most important independent directors. His experimental/documentary feature MR. ZHANG BELIEVES (2015), premiered at Locarno and has been screened internationally. JIAO MA TANG HUI (A NEW OLD PLAY) is his first fiction feature and won Special Jury Prize at the 74th Locarno.

09.09 ㊅ 〡國家電影及視聽文化中心 小影格〡 Q&A session with the Director

Growing up in the daily reality of an opera troupe, I suppose I had an odd, piecemeal view of this world, seen only from the inside as a moving collage of faces, expressions, voices, gestures, sounds, smells and colours, warm or cold, damp or dry, drunk or sober. The actors' gestures, crazy, bitter or sincere, their swirling arms and stamping feet, marked the successive scenes in an unfolding play. And meanwhile, events great and small, on and off the stage, shaped the world and our history. But every now and then a knell would sound, and there was one less spectator in the stalls. In designing the sets to frame these slowly unfolding lives, I have chosen a simple craft approach, using a cartoon-strip idiom to capture the atmosphere of the period, in a “naïve” work inspired by the joy of the birth of cinema and nurtured by the tradition of silent film. The simply-crafted caricature props evoke this Lilliputian world hovering between reality and fantasy. Actors bob up and down on a river made of plastic sheeting, ride skinny horses woven of thatch, chew cotton clouds, and get lost in steamy fog and burning smoke.

11.05 ㊅ 20:50〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
11.10 ㊃ 12:00〡台南新光影城 4 廳
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