Eating Grapes Without Spitting Grape Skins

Wei-Chih LIN

Taiwan〡2021〡Fic〡Color〡21 min〡Mandarin
✧ 2022 Taipei Film Festival

Wei-wei longs to be a voice actress. Accidently, she finds out that many people owed money to her late father, and she makes them pay back with her voice.


Wei-Chih LIN

LIN Wei-Chih currently works as a director in advertising. She obtained a master's degree from the Department of Motion Picture at National Taiwan University of Arts.

05.08 ㊃ 10:00〡中正大學 傳播學系


I like comedies like Borat 2, Veep, and Modern Family. I also hope to make a comedy that is kind, but not pessimistic, that reflects the times, but is not cynical, and makes people laugh, without hurting others.

This film was set up in the comedy genre from the beginning of its creation, using handheld cameras and a lot of jump cuts in the editing to allow the characters' emotions to linger and accumulate. Eating Grapes without Spitting out the Skin is my short conclusion to the comedy, and I am continuing to research and create more exciting work in the future.



11.06 ㊐ 10:20〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡★ Q&A session with the Director
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