Healing Drum

An-Wu LI

Taiwan〡2021〡Ani〡Color〡9 min〡No Dialogue
✧ 2022 International Student Animation Film Festival Animafantasia, Finalist
✧ 2022 Youth Film Festival, Jury Special Mention Award in Animation

The woman died and became a skeleton. The man caught her by fishing. He was so scared that he ran away, but the hook was hooking each other, no one could get rid of anyone. This film is adapted from an Inuit fable. It is a metaphor of breakthrough the difficulty of love. True love begins when you are willing to face the skeleton.


An-Wu LI

An-Wu LI is currently an illustrator and animation filmmaker based in Taipei. She graduated from Tainan University of the Arts. Her each film has different styles, and the subjects are strongly connected to her own experience. She is good at narrative images and loves hand-drawing media. Her works were nominated for Taichung International Animation Film Festival (2016), Hsin-Yi Children Animation Award (2018).

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以死觀生的樸拙趣味好似在觀賞古老的傳說,切換在活人與骷髏人,男人與女人之間 。引發觀者想看到最後到底發生甚麼事的好奇心, 音樂在本片獨挑大樑如心跳般的躍動令人激賞。其作畫技法的斑駁感和單色的呈現大膽且具實驗精神,值得嘉許。
This is an adaptation from the Inuit folk story THE SKELETON WOMAN. When I read this story, I was deeply touched, and then I wanted to adapt this story into an animated short. The reason I was moved was that I could deeply understand what I once experienced as the skeleton woman, and my partner was also like a fisherman. I went through a period where I didn't know myself well enough. My partner was afraid and ran away, but was finally willing to help the broken me with kindness and love. He has extremely high patience to accompany and wait for those whom he believes are precious. I wish that through my adaptation, more audiences can see this hidden story and interpret the profound meaning of “love”.