Karolina Breguła, Rong-Yu LI, Ya-Qiao LI, Shi-Fen ZHANG

Karolina Breguła, Rong-Yu LI, Ya-Qiao LI, Shi-Fen ZHANG

Taiwan〡2021〡Doc〡Color〡14 min〡Mandarin, Taiwanese〡World Premiere

A film documenting a performance staged in front of a house earmarked for partial demolition in Tainan train-station neighborhood. The script of the performance was written based on statements made by Chun-Hsian HUANG who is the inhabitant of the house and by protesters against expropriation and eviction in Tainan.

The performance took place on 28th April in a space under a flyover, where Chun-Hsian HUANG temporarily lived.

Made with support of Chun-Hsian HUANG’s house protesting group


Karolina Breguła

Karolina Breguła is a visual artist, a graduate of the National Film School in Łódź. She makes films, photographs and installations. She creates stories about art and architecture, which are a field of her anthropological and sociological observations. Many of her works are co-created with their protagonists and participants. Her works have been exhibited at institutions such as National Museum in Warsaw, Jewish Museum in New York and MOCA Taipei and at international events such as Venice Art Biennale and Singapore Biennale.

Rong-Yu LI

Born in New Taipei City, now living in Taoyuan. Graduated from Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies, SHU. A longtime follower of housing rights & anti-eviction, an activist and one of the main defenders of HUANG Chun-Hsiang house.

Ya-Qiao LI

Born in Kaohsiung, now living in Tainan. Doctoral Candidate of the Department of Taiwanese Literature, National Cheng-Kung University. Have worked at the National Taiwanese Literature Museum, Project Assistant of YuShan Fellow Program. A Marxist, researching Marxism and the history of the left wing in Taiwan.


Bron in Chiayi and moved to Tainan as a theater worker. This is her first Anti-Forced Eviction movement, and she is very grateful to the victim, Chun-Hsian HUANG. Due to her persistence of standing up to the oppression of authorities.

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