Seeking Wombs For Rebirths

Lin Htet AUNG

Myanmar〡2021〡Exp〡B&W〡25 min〡Myanmar〡Taiwan Premiere
✧ 2022 Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen FF (International Short Film Festival Oberhausen)
✧ 2021 Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival

A boy went to a town. He went to find his next life.


Lin Htet AUNG

Lin Htet AUNG is a 98 born filmmaker and video artist based in Myanmar. In his earlier days, he wrote avant-garde poems and published underground poetry books. He started making short films in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, he won Best Film Awards with SILENCE! and SHOWER AT 1 AM at University Students’ Film Festival, respectively. In 2020, his experimental short film ESTATE won “Silver Screen Award–Best Director” at Southeast Asian Short Film Competition at 31st Singapore International Film Festival ( 31st SGIFF ) and “Best Creative Sound Award“ at Wathann Competition at 10th Wathann Film Festival. In 2021, his video artwork LAST NIGHT I DREAMT OF HAVING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH MY DAD’S DOG was shown at SCREENSAVER_ART EXHIBITION. He is now working on his next short film project ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A MOM. This short film project won a grant of SGIFF Southeast Asian-Short Film Grant (SEA-SHORTS) 2021.

05.08 ㊃ 10:00〡中正大學 傳播學系
10.28㊅ 〡臺北數位藝術中心
同場放映:《奢侈凡夜 》《梅婆》


SEEKING WOMBS FOR REBIRTHS is about the things which happen between death and the time of being alive. During Covid, I suffered difficulties in breathing almost every night. I have often got a feeling , like an illusion or reality, that I am dying and I started having interest in the symbol of death. Death is inevitable in life and it’s a door for the next life in Buddhism. During that transformation period, all past, present and future integrate and between those past, present and future choices, I found conflicts concerned with inevitable guilt, acceptance. I want to show that there are problems not only when you are alive but also after your death too.
During that period of time, our country has overcome sixty years of dictatorship and on the path of democracy for five years. But because of a sudden coup, I start getting confused whether we are in the past or going to the future or in the present. Even People, who seem to have evolved political opinions during the democratization period, lose their different political opinions at the time of coup. There is chaos everywhere. It seems like oppressors and victims are seeking revenge in another life. It seems like a problem between life and death. It’s a time where a political mess is happening because of the coup, I shot it with my relatives in my house. I believe people will be able to see the political trauma of my country.

11.07 ㊀ 12:30〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
11.10 ㊃ 15:20〡台南新光影城 4 廳
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