Stories of Pang Jai

Jimmy LO

Hong Kong〡2020〡Doc〡63min〡Color, BW〡Cantonese, English〡English Subtitle

“Pang Jai,” also known as the Sham Shui Po Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar, is one of the last fabric markets in Hong Kong. “Stories of Pang Jai” documents the everyday life of the Pang Jai vendors, and their years-long protest against forced demolition. Started in the late 70s, the market once played a part in the city’s booming clothing industry. But in 2015, as land became the city's greatest commodity, the government demanded to reclaim Pang Jai for land redevelopment. Between rain and shine, protest and livelihood, politicians and bureaucracy, the Pang Jai vendors fight for their space to survive.


Jimmy LO

Jimmy LO aspires to be a documentary filmmaker and film educator. In 2020, he completed his first feature-length documentary film Stories of Pang Jai, which was executive produced by the Oscar winning Documentary Director Ruby YANG and also partially funded by Hong Kong Documentary Initiative & HKADC. He has started to teach documentary filmmaking workshops for the retired and young adults in community centers since early 2017. The courses he Teaching Assistant of are called “Making Movies: Creative Expression on Screen” and “Screen Documentaries” at HKU. His short documentary works include Yung Yung(2016), In(ex)caption(2018), Stories of Pang Jai(2020). The films were exhibited at 1a space and Hong Kong Chinese Documentary Festival 2016.



EP.23 假如「棚仔」是一個人〡專訪《風吹布動》導演羅志明

藝術總監.黃柏喬〡33min〡10 OCT 2020


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