The Train, Point Nemo, Astronaut and Starling

Tzu Huan LIN

Taiwan〡2020〡Exp〡11min〡Color〡No Dialogue〡English Subtitle

The film is about two stories that I dreamed of on the train trip to the east of Taiwan. Connecting two fictional stories and reality, they refer to the dilemma of creation and the birth of the spirit. From the train to space, then the space to the deep sea, finally back to the train on the shore. The story talks about how humans evolve during times and how they separated from the sea to develop their inner sea.


Tzu Huan LIN

Tzu Huan LIN – (b. Taipei, 1986) His work centers around personal experience as an immigrant, adapts to connect different subjects or stories to address the phenomena. He received MFA in Digital Arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. LIN's work has been included in international group exhibitions such as“The 6th International Video Art Exhibition”, “ADAF 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival” and solo exhibitions at Taipei Fine Art Museum, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.


主持人|藝術總監 / 黃柏喬

EP.8 個人的旅行〡專訪《火車、尼莫點、人造衛星與椋鳥》導演林子桓

藝術總監.黃柏喬、影展人員.郭妤婕〡31min〡16 SEP 2020



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