WANG Mowen

China〡2020〡Exp〡Color〡18 min〡Mandarin, Northeast China Dialect〡Taiwan Premiere
✧ 2021 Image Forum Festival–East Asian Experimental Awards

It says, “bury” is for the deceased to find a peaceful mind place, and the place of heart returning of the departed mother has always left her daughter cruising. The abstraction of thoughts in daily life, the conjecture of mothers in different time and space, and the endless search for the dead also are indexes of a daughter's heart. Where on earth has mother gone? How does a daughter perceive a distant relative? Through the mouth of the mysterious people, to explore the unknown space.


WANG Mowen

WANG Mowen, a Chinese video artist who was born and raised in Dalian, currently working and living in Beijing. With interest in the observation of social reality, the reality of female situations and individual memories. Her art practices are mostly based on her own life experiences, reflecting her unique subjective world with a combination of documentary and experimental video language, focusing on exploring the interchangeable expressions between reality and non-reality. Her works had been screened in several exhibitions and film festivals in China and abroad, including Beijing International Short Film Festival, CineCina Film Festival, Film For Mother 2022,MAAXI Videogallery (Italy), Andy Warhol Museum (USA), and was awarded the Grand Prize of East Asian Experimental Competition in 35th Image Forum Festival.

06.03 ㊅ 14:30〡北頭娛椿共同實驗空間
10.21 ㊅ 14:30〡SEAMi 望見書間


TRINITY is an innovative tale told as a hybrid of reality. Skillfully created, the enigmatic video describes the split between the worlds of the mental and the physical, how the living regard death and the dead, and how the physical world is ephemeral, as illusory as our mental processes.

11.07 ㊀ 12:30〡台南新光影城 4 廳
11.10 ㊃ 15:20〡台南新光影城 4 廳〡 Q&A session with the Director
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