LIN Ching Hsuan

Taiwan〡2017〡Ani〡5min〡Color〡No Dialogue
2018 廣島國際動畫影展 短片競賽 入圍
2018 臺中國際動畫影展 台灣短片競賽 入圍

The film presents different culture through stereoscopic images. When viewers try to change the focus and see with the naked eye, the round images became overlapped or separated intermittently because of the tired muscles. It implies the spectacles of modernity as we observed by traveling, has created the experience of strangeness and familiarity. Thedrawings in the foreground illustrated the body which swallowed by the liquid and moves through the liquefied /alienation space. So as a silent persecutee being stirred in the machine of modernity, and sinks into the waves of the crushing sound.


LIN Ching Hsuan

Ching-Hsuan Lin, filmmaker and artist. Her research interests include moving images, animation and contemporary art. Her works focus on time and memory through experimental approach.